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  Dates:  October 15 - 19 , 2014

Place: Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática. ARQVA, (Cartagena, Spain). 

Congress languages:  English and Spanish.



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Congress Theme

“Heritage for Humanity”

Since antiquity ,  the seas, rivers and lakes, far from being an obstacle, have been one of the most significant means of communication to allow the exchange of people, products and ideas, continuously using and evolving maritime an naval technologies.

At the same time, unique conditions imposed by the marine and maritime environment have created for centuries  specific cultures  expressed through both the  beliefs of sailors and  maritime communities and the  scientific knowledge applied to the nautical challenges, via communication, the naval trade organization or the  strategies of naval war.

On the other hand, lakes and rivers has been witness of the development of several civilizations, being also a mean of communication between different cultures.
The result is a range of specific culture, inseparable from the historical development on the mainland, a cultural heritage whose research is essential for understanding the genesis of today's society.

IKUWA V structure

Taking into account the geographical, cultural and historical Mediterranean and Atlantic environment, some conference sessions will run simultaneously in three rooms:

Topic 1: The Mediterranean
Topic 2: The America-Europe relationship
Topic 3: Inland waters archaeology

IKUWA V topics

1. The scientific and technical knowledge

2. Nautical activity and cultural exchanges

3. Protection, conservation and restoration of underwater cultural heritage

4. Public access to underwater cultural  heritage

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